Your first class


Your first class

First class

1. Buy & book your first class

To book your first class at Heartcore, create an online account and buy your first class for $15. Then press "Sign Up Now" on the schedule to book it. You'll receive email confirmation after booking, and make sure you signed up for class at the correct location! 


2. What to bring

An open-minded attitude! Similar to your first yoga or dance class, we'll be teaching you a new way to move your body, using terms and move names you've never heard before. Regardless of your fitness background, you will be confused and struggle - that's the point!

Make sure you drink enough water and eat a nutritious snack before class. Wear workout clothes (& deodorant!). Bring a water bottle, small towel, and grip socks, if you have them.

3. Come 10 minutes early 

Arrive 10 minutes before your first class because we want to explain the Megaformer to you! Please note after class starts, no newbies can enter the class - coming on time is a prerequisite for your first class. If you don't arrive 10 minutes before class, the first class will be put back in your account, and you can book it for another time.

4. Let us know about you

The instructors will know it's your first class and explain the Megaformer to you. Let your instructor know if you have any injuries or questions. We have a bathroom and cubbies. Please do not bring any valuables into the studio, and remember to grab all your belongings after class.

5. Expect to be confused

It's normal you may not understand all the cues and move names during your first class. Listen carefully to the instructor and watch the advanced students in class. While others are rapidly changing from exercise to exercise, it's your goal to look at the form. 

6. Come back

After your first class, we recommend purchasing our First Month Unlimited for $149 and signing up for 3 classes per week. As with starting any new fitness program, consistency is key. Even when you're confused or sore, keep coming back! Your body (and mind) needs a couple weeks to develop new movement patterns. You'll start to look and feel stronger in no time.

We also recommend taking different instructors to see which ones you vibe with the best.

7. Study

Subscribe to our Youtube channel to view all the essential exercises you can do on the Megaformer! โ™ก