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Below is a list of our most asked questions. If you still need help, Shoot us an email with any questions on classes, our website, or Heartcore in general. Or send feedback! This is a two-way street.

+ Is this Pilates?

We are not Pilates! Think of Heartcore as an intense bootcamp on a Pilates-looking machine. If you're looking to rehab an injury or get back into fitness after a long break, we might not be the best choice for you. Our classes are athletic, fast-paced and intense, but we move slowly and with control to minimize impact on joints.

+ How many calories will I burn?

Calories burned will depend on your weight, height and fitness level. Our clients will burn anywhere from 150-700 calories in a 40 minute session (based on their Fitbit data)!

Other than calories burned, the true benefits of strength workouts like ours come from increasing lean muscle mass. When you add muscle and get stronger, your heart works better, your immune system works better, your metabolism increases dramatically and you burn fat more effectively.

+ I'm new to the Megaformer. Do you offer a Beginner's class?

We currently don't offer Beginner's classes. We believe in learning by doing - and there's no better way to jump right in than taking a group class. Our classes are team-oriented and motivating, and our encouraging atmosphere guarantees optimal fitness results. Classes are made for and welcome all fitness level types.

+ How do I purchase classes?

You can purchase and book class through our online scheduler here or our Heartcore app. Purchases are non-refundable and non-transferable (you can't share a package with your family or friends).

We recommend reserving your spot online, as there are only 10 spots available for each class. Walk-ins are subject to availability. If you walk-in to your first class without creating an online account, the instructor will have you create an online account before class starts.

+ The class I want to sign up for is full. What should I do?

Our classes are popular and tend to fill up quickly. We recommend signing up a couple days in advance, and always adding yourself to the waitlist. Heartbreakers make schedule changes and cancel out of classes all the time. It's very likely you will get into a class by adding your name to the waitlist online. Also check day-of for last minute openings.

+ How often should I take class?

It depends on your fitness regimen. If you are very active and want to supplement your routine with Heartcore, 1-2 classes a week will ensure that you maintain the neuromuscular connections that build your strength, endurance, balance and flexibility each and every class. When you drop-in once in awhile, it's as if you are starting from scratch every time.

If Heartcore is your main source of fitness, we recommend taking class 3-4 times a week. Your mind-muscle connection will be constantly fired up and you'll be amazed at how fast you'll see results. You'll burn fat, increase flexibility and balance, jump-start your metabolism, strengthen your entire body and ultimately, be in the best shape of your life.

When you start taking classes more than 5 times a week, you may not be getting enough rest and recovery. We're working your muscles to the point of fatigue, so your body will need rest and TLC. Relax and let your body do it's thing (rebuild into a stronger and leaner you). A good indicator of working out too much is feeling super tired, getting injured and/or getting sick more often. Working out without enough rest causes damage and inflammation at every level in your body: from your cells to your organ systems. Take your rest as seriously as your training!

+ Should I eat before or after class?

We recommend having a small snack 30-45 minutes before working out, such as an apple, a banana, or a handful of almonds. Eating before your workout will help keep your energy level high and also helps burn more fat rather than muscle. Studies show that caffeine before a workout can be beneficial too ;)

After your workout, we suggest you eat some protein within 45 minutes. Eating protein post-workout helps aid muscle recovery. Enjoy a protein smoothie (we love Bulletproof's Upgraded Whey Protein with unsweetened almond milk, spinach and MCT Oil) or maybe some full-fat greek yogurt and berries.

+ What do I wear and what do I bring to class?

Come prepared with a water bottle (you can fill it up with our water cooler), a towel (esp. if you know you sweat), and wear form-fitting workout clothes (it helps our instructors adjust your form).

While grip socks are not required, many clients love them and we sell them at the studio for $17.

Please don't wear strong perfume or cologne. Please wear deodorant (we have some in our bathroom) and do your laundry!

+ How early should I arrive to class?

First class? Arrive at the studio 10 minutes before your scheduled class time to sign-in at the front desk, get familiar with the megaformer and get set up. If you don't come 10 minutes before class starts, for your safety, you may not be permitted to take class. The class will be credited back into your account, to reschedule for another time.

Heartcore regular? Sign in at the front desk by the time class starts.

+ Can I take class if I'm pregnant?

If you're pregnant & new to our studio, we require a doctor’s note confirming you're able to take our 40 minute strength-training, resistance workout. Email your doctor's note to hello@iheartcore.com before taking your first class. Doctors don't advise attempting a new workout while pregnant, especially a workout such as this, which is extremely core intensive. We recommend doing other low intensity workouts while pregnant.

If you're a pregnant Heartcore regular, and have been taken Megaformer classes before becoming pregnant, you can continue to come as long as you feel comfortable. Everyone’s pregnancy is different, so please consult with your doctor first to ensure he/she is comfortable with you continuing to take class. If at any point during your workout you feel faint, dizzy, or have physical discomfort, you should stop immediately, and consult a physician before returning.

+ How old do you have to be to take class?

14 years or older.

+ Can I bring my children to the studio while I take class?

Our studio space is not insured for childcare, so due to safety and insurance concerns, we cannot allow children to remain unattended while class is in session.

+ Do you have showers?

Unfortunately due to space constraints, we don't have showers in our studio. We do have spray deodorant, face wash and moisturizer in the bathroom!

+ Do you have lockers?

We have cubbies for you to put your personal belongings. If you've left anything at the studio, email us at hello@iheartcore.com and we'll have the instructor keep your belongings safe until you can come and pick it up!

+ Where do I park?

Allow ample time for parking, especially for weekday evening classes.

Redwood City: Street parking (in front of the studio) and the Main Street Parking Lot (located directly behind our studio) costs $1/hour. Monday-Saturday parking is free before 10am and after 6pm. Sunday parking is free.

If you can't find nearby street parking, we recommend parking in the following parking lots, which are a 5-minute walk away from our studio:

  • Jefferson St. Garage: on Jefferson between Broadway and Middlefield (First 1.5 hours are free)
  • Marshall St. Garage: on Broadway between Main and Jefferson (First 1.5 hours are free)
  • Library Parking Lot: on Middlefield ($1/hour, but free before 10am and after 6pm)
  • Wells Fargo Parking Lot: at the intersection of Broadway and Main St (free after 6pm on weeknights)

Menlo Park: There's a parking lot directly behind us on Cambridge Ave. If you don't find parking there, park in the tutoring center's lot across Cambridge Ave; or across El Camino Real in Pace Art Gallery's lot.

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