As you most likely know, we love Saw. It's a simple variation that leads to big results. Saw trains your core to brace against the movement of your limbs around you - just like in real life. As your hands move farther away from your body, your stabilizing muscles kick into overdrive to prevent any motion in your spine.

The movement should resemble the back-and-forth movement of a handheld saw. 🔪

How to get into Saw:

  1. Hold the body in a plank position (weight on your forearms and toes, spine neutral)
  2. Keep the whole body parallel to the ground with no drop or raise in the hips
  3. Keep your abs and glutes tight, which will force you to tuck your pelvis and prevent a dip in your lower back
  4. Use your shoulders, and push "through" the elbows to create a small movement forward and backward

Advanced Modification: The farther you push yourself back, during the saw, the harder the movement will be.

Proper alignment: Elbows always need to be under your shoulders, and focus on keeping the tension in your torso. Keep the movement controlled, don't swing yourself back & forth, instead pull and push yourself.

Targets: Lower abs, Upper Body (Shoulders, Triceps), Internal & External Obliques, Inner Diaphragm

While Saw doesn’t look like a difficult plank variation, the subtle movement will make your core burn. 🔥🔥🔥