Learn by Heart: How to Get Into Classes Every Time

June schedule was just released and it's time to sign up for your favorite Heartcore classes before they fill up! We know it can be hard to navigate sign ups, the waitlist and walking in, so we present you our top 3 tips to get into class every time.


1. Plan ahead. 

Want to get into every class you want? It's simple: Prioritize your workouts. Take some time at the beginning of the month, or at the beginning of each week, to plan all your workouts. The earlier, the better. And you can always cancel up to 12 hours before the scheduled class with no fee! 

2. Sign up for the waitlist.  

Your favorite class is full? No problem! Sign up for waitlist and you have a good chance to get into class. If you don't sign up for the waitlist, then you have zero chance, so there's no harm in adding your name to the list. We've seen clients be 8th on the waitlist and still get into class! Up until 12 hours before class, you'll receive an email or text from us letting you know you've been added into class. Once we hit the 12 hour mark, you won't be automatically added into class anymore.

3. Check day-of for last-minute openings.  

Because we don't automatically add waitlist clients during the hours leading up to class, if you check our schedule a couple hours before class, you'll see openings for highly coveted class times.  All you have to do is sign up!

Bonus Tip: Just show up.

If a class is full, you can always swing by the studio and see if there was any last-minute late cancels or no-shows. Let the instructor or front desk concierge know that you are waiting to see if there's any openings and they'll help assist you!