Heart to Heart with Elysha

Hardcore, athletic and laser-focused, Elysha is our latest Heartbreaker turned Instructor, and we couldn't be more excited for her to lead the community! Learn a bit more about Elysha's background, her fitness journey, her classes and her music below! 

Elysha with our instructors, Adriana, Jessica and Jena

Elysha with our instructors, Adriana, Jessica and Jena


Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am a born and raised Californian, but have lived in Bay Area for the past twenty years.  We moved from San Francisco to San Mateo in 2012 to shorten our families commute to school.  I teach in San Carlos at the San Carlos Charter Learning Center, and have been a third and fourth grade teacher there for eighteen years.  

Tell us about your fitness journey and how Heartcore fits in it.

I was always a very active person, but after I had kids, it was hard to find the time to exercise. Finding time for myself was always low on the list of priorities.  I realized that I needed to change that and model healthy habits for my children.  Eventually, I found triathlons.  I spent several years training and participating in triathlons which turned into a family passion.  The problem was that triathlons take a huge time commitment, and it was hard to fit everything in.  I needed and exercise routine that was effective, but wouldn't take hours of my week to fit in.  One of the instructors at SoulCycle, Ginny Lee, first told me about Heartcore. She was amazed at what a great workout it was and said she felt muscles that she didn't even know she had.  The best part was that it was only a forty minute workout!  I decided to give it a try.  

In the beginning it was a bit intimidating.  I couldn't even get my body to complete a basic core movement, Bear.  Through the support of the Heartcore team, I stuck with it.  Over time, I started getting stronger and stronger.  It was true, I found muscles that I didn't know I had!  Each day, each week, I became stronger and stronger.  I began to realize that the physical reward wasn't the only reason I kept coming back to Heartcore.  Heartcore is a community.  The instructors supported me through my journey and encouraged me to be better, stronger, kinder.  Their motivation and inspiration made me realize that the community developed at Heartcore is special, and that I wanted to be part of it.  As an instructor, I hope to inspire others to find their own strength and confidence, just as I did.  

Elysha at Jessica's first community classes (February 2015)

Elysha at Jessica's first community classes (February 2015)

Elysha and Jessica after one of Elysha's first classes (May 2016)

Elysha and Jessica after one of Elysha's first classes (May 2016)

What can we expect from your class?

My classes will push Heartbreakers to develop their form, adjust their resistance and constantly push themselves beyond all limits.  Everyone is unique, so it is important to help everyone find their personal edge through individualized attention and modifications. 

What music will we hear in your class?

With an eclectic mix of music to support you along the way ranging from dance, to hip-hop, to alternative, I want to create a journey that will keep you motivated.  I promise you'll leave my class sweaty and energized!


Lastly, tell us a fun fact!

I have two different colored eyes.  Some people notice right away and others don't notice for years.


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