Our 16 Class Challenge is back and better than ever!

Share on your Facebook or Instagram if you're in!

Share on your Facebook or Instagram if you're in!

Starting on June 20th, Summer Sixteen will leave you stronger, more confident, and be in the running to get some amazing Heartcore prizes 🔥

Summer Sixteen

After January's super successful 16 in '16 Challenge, we knew we wanted to bring the challenge back to re-center and re-set our intentions for the final half of 2016. Also, Drake released the song Summer Sixteen and we took it as a sign 😜 Committing to Summer Sixteen will give you a clear and motivating fitness goal and you'll get the support of an entire community doing it with you. 

The challenge? Complete 16 classes in the first 6 weeks of summer (6/20 to 7/31).  With six weeks, you're encouraged to complete 2-3 classes per week. Summer means vacations, sunshine and beaches, so we wanted to create a goal that'd still be achievable and get you outside enjoying the summer!

The Prizes

Every Heartbreaker that finishes Summer Sixteen will be in the running to win:

  1. One Heartbreaker will win: Unlimited 1 Month Membership, an exclusive Heartcore tank, a Heartcore towel and 1 guest pass ($319 Value).
  2. Two Heartbreakers will win: Unlimited 2-Week Membership, an exclusive Heartcore tank and 1 guest pass ($158 Value).
  3. Three Heartbreakers will win: an exclusive Heartcore tank ($29 Value). 
  4. Every Heartbreaker that completes Summer Sixteen will win: the gift of strength and confidence (Estimated cost: priceless). 

✨ If you check-in and tag Heartcore on Instagram and Facebook, you'll get extra entries in our raffle! Just make sure your posts are public, so we can keep track. 

You're in? Here's what's next:

  • Sign up: Our Summer Sixteen challenge board is going up early next week. If you're in, all you have to do is write your name up on the board! 
  • Share: We also encourage you to share our Summer Sixteen picture above on social media to let your friends and family know You're In! Studies on change and habits found that if you share your commitment with your support network, you'll be more likely to stick to it. 
  • Book classes: Right now, you can start to book your 16 for the last two weeks of June. July schedule will be released on June 20th.
  • Rock out: Listen to our Summer Sixteen playlist!