*MASKS OPTIONAL FOR FULLY VACCINATED CLIENTS. MASKS REQUIRED FOR NON-VACCINATED CLIENTS.* Class schedule released every Sunday at 5PM for classes the week after this week. Get started with our Intro Month for $145 here!

Covid-19 FAQs

Is Heartcore open?

As of 4/5/2021, we are open! We’re offering small group classes at our three locations in Menlo Park, Redwood City, and Menlo Park.

How will Heartcore implement social distancing?

We have 6 Megaformers per class open to book. Each Megaformer is 6 feet apart. *Masks are required to wear during the workout. Hand sanitizer is available at the front entrance and near your Megaformer. Cubbies have been removed to avoid gathering in one area, and use the bathroom only if it’s an emergency. Bring minimal belongings to the studio, and place them inside your machine. Studio doors will be open during the entire class, wear layers if needed.

How often is the studio be cleaned?
Each Megaformer in use is disinfected before and after each class using FDA-approved disinfectants proven to kill viruses. Instructors will thoroughly disinfect all common areas between classes. The studio is deep-cleaned daily.
Arriving at the Studio

  • If you are sick or unwell, please stay home.
  • Arrive for your class or private session no more than 10 minutes prior to the start of class to maintain social distancing.
  • You’re required to wear a mask the entire time you’re in the studio, even when you are taking class. Disposable masks and gloves are available upon request.
  • Classes are 30 minutes. This is a temporary change we’ll keep as long as we require masks to be worn during the workout.
  • Instructors will check your temperature as you walk-in. If it is below 100.4 degrees, you may take class.
  • Use hand sanitizer as soon as you enter the studio.
  • Be dressed for class, and use the bathroom at home to limit touching more surfaces.
  • Cubbies and benches aren’t open for use. Bring as little belongings as possible inside the studio, and put them in-between your Megaformer.
  • We have a new liability waiver for you to sign. Click here to sign it now before your first class back.
  • Instructors will check you into class. If you have the Heartcore app you can check yourself into class once you arrive.
  • Instructors will check their temperatures before each shift. Temperatures must read below 100.4°F in order to teach.
  • Masks will be worn by instructors. They will also remain 6 feet away from the Megaformers.
During & After Class Changes
  • Make sure to arrive on time.
  • Classes are 30 minutes. We shortened the class time due to the need for you to wear a mask while working out. The shorter class time is subject to change.
  • The Megaformers are sanitized after each class, but we will provide wipes for you to use before and after class.
  • There will be increased time between classes to allow for cleaning.
  • Instructors will not perform hands-on adjustments, and will remain 6 ft away from the Megaformers being used.
  • Bring your own water bottle. Cups and other toiletries are no longer available.
  • If you would like to chat with a fellow heartbreaker, please do so outside the studio and keep 6 ft apart!
How early should I arrive to class?
Show up no earlier than 10 minutes before class begins to minimize the amount of people in the studio. You will not be allowed to take class if you arrive just as class starts. Make sure you arrive on time.
What's happening to my classes/membership?
We extended your class expiration dates. If you are on a monthly membership, your unused classes have been extended. If you have a class package, the expiration date has been extended if it was set to expire during the quarantine.
What if the studio opens, and I am not comfortable taking class at the studio?

We completely understand if you feel uncomfortable! Please email us and we’ll extend your expiration date. Or you can gift your remaining classes to a friend.

Are you offering private sessions?
If you’re interested in booking a private session, email us for the most up-to-date instructor availability. The current pricing for privates are $100 for 1 person, $160 for 2 people, $300 for a group of up to 6 people. The times available are weekdays between 1-4pm.
During quarantine, our instructors taught virtual classes. Click here to access all of them.
Wondering what you should bring?
Make sure you bring your face masks, grip socks, and water bottle. Here are some suggestions for athletic masks here, workout gloves here, and a mat to place over your Megaformer here.