Hannah was born in Redwood City, moved to Italy, then to Colorado for most of her childhood - and has been hopping between Colorado and California ever since! She was a dancer throughout high school and into her early years of college. Dance encouraged her interest in the human body and how it works. In college, she went on to get a degree in Health and Exercise science with a concentration in health promotion.

Hannah loves that the Megaformer is one of the hardest workouts she's ever done, but it is also the gentlest on her joints and body as a whole. She believes it's a workout that will challenge you, but will also honor and respect your body.

The Megaformer has always given Hannah the physical results she wanted whether it was toning up for her wedding, staying fit throughout two pregnancies, or regaining strength and tone after baby. Surprisingly enough, this workout has challenged her even more mentally! The Megaformer is all about the slow paced movement and in that, she has learned she needs to slow down her pace off the Megaformer too. Life is incredibly fast paced and it takes practice and mindfulness to slow down and be present in her own life. 

When Hannah came to Heartcore as a client, she didn't expect the atmosphere to be much different than any gym I had experienced before. She was wrong. She left every single class feeling more confident and at peace with myself than when she walked through the door. Heartcore has cultivated a community of empowering women and men to be their best self and she's excited to join the movement.

Hannah's favorite mega move is any form of Cobra! Her whole body starts shaking within seconds of doing the move. Since her whole body is working, she feels like she get the most bang for her buck!

As an instructor, Hannah loves seeing clients get stronger and more confident on and off the machine. More so, she loves building community with every single person that walks through the door.

When Hannah's not on a Megaformer, she stays busy living life with her 1 year old!