A recovering fast food junkie and self-proclaimed couch potato, Jessica found fitness four years ago in an effort to change her body and soul. Jessica suffered from an array of health problems doctors attributed to poor diet and lack of exercise. She knew she had to change. She began her fitness journey with a half marathon that morphed her idea of exercise into a passion for weight-lifting, SoulCycle, Heartcore and just about any activity that can get her sweating.

Graduating from UC Berkeley in 2010, Jessica taught Kindergarten in Oakland while tirelessly working to improve her mental and physical health. After reaching her first fitness goal, to do an unassisted pull-up, Jessica realized that her passions for teaching were larger than the classroom and she needed to shift into fitness professionally. Discovering Heartcore through fellow instructor Chrissy, Jessica knew she found a unique type of exercise that combined her love for cardio, strength training and mental wellness all in one 40 minute workout.

Jessica believes that exercise is an act of self-love, something we have the privilege of doing for ourselves every day. Focusing beyond a good calorie burn or losing weight, Jessica strives to instill a sense of strength and empowerment in every person that takes her class. A healthy body encourages a healthy mind and with a healthy mind, our potential is limitless. Jessica's class is high energy, LOUD and guaranteed to keep you pushing yourself further than you ever thought possible.