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Microformer x Heartcore

Alisa on the Microformer


The ultimate Microformer workout for STRONGER ABS!

Have you hit a plateau with your Micro? This workout is for heartbreakers wanting to increase the intensity of their Micro workouts.

This core-focused routine was created by Alisa, the co-founder of Heartcore. Alisa has over 8 years of experience teaching Megaformer classes.

Why is strengthening your core important?

A strong core reduces back pain and improves your balance and posture, all while sculpting your figure.

Additional Benefits of Microformer Workouts:

✔️ Workout from home when you can't make it to the studio

✔️ Low to no impact on your joints

✔️ Speed up your metabolism

Update your Micro workout TODAY with this targeted & efficient routine. 🧡


Don't just take it from us!

"I felt accomplished after the workout, and more motivated to get moving. And sore.

I would definitely recommend the Heartcore Microformer workout. The workout is always well thought out. The individual routines are nicely balanced and are fantastic."

- Maylee W.

"Cannot wait for the full program to drop! This is such an amazing workout and I’m using my body in ways I didn’t even know I could! Instruction is great and much better than other classes I’ve tried online!"

- Lisa G.


To join us virtually you'll need a Microformer!

We recommend purchasing the following. Use code "Heartcore" for $100 off the Micro:

Microformer Fully Loaded

1 Self-Standing Weighted Pole

(or use a broom/Swiffer if you don't get the pole)