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The Heartcore Workout 🔥

HIIT & Low-impact workout

High-intensity, but low-impact, every move is safe for your joints and spine. There’s no jumping, no heavy-lifting – only slow, fluid and purposeful movements using spring resistance.

Personal Instruction

With only 11 spots available per session, our instructors give you personalized and in-depth instruction and pay hands-on attention to form.

Our Results

We target your slow-twitch muscles fibers (~51% of your muscle mass), which jump-start your metabolism, burn fat, and ultimately, redefine your body’s composition, so prepare to get hooked.

Buy & book your first session

Watch the video above to get a quick intro on the Megaformer. To book your first session at Heartcore, create an online account and buy your first session for $28 here. If you’re on your phone, this app here makes it easier to buy and book sessions! You’ll receive an email confirmation after booking. Also, grip socks are required to wear at all times, they’re sold in the studio for $12. Grip socks are available online here.

Arrive 10 minutes early to your first session

It’s required for you to come 10 minutes before your first session! We’ll explain the Megaformer and learn more about you too – let us know if you have any injuries or specific fitness goals. You’ll put your belongings in our cubbies (note: we don’t have lockers, so leave your valuables at home!).

*IMPORTANT: If you don’t come 10 minutes before your first session, you may be turned away for your safety. The instructor will put the session back in your account and you can sign up for another time!

Expect to be confused during your first session

It’s normal you may not understand all the cues and move names during your first session. Listen carefully to the instructor and watch any advanced students who may be near you! Your goal isn’t to do the move perfectly on your first try, but instead to keep your body moving.

What if I am new to the workout?

We currently don’t offer beginner sessions. We believe in learning by doing – and there’s no better way than to jump right in to our group sessions. The group sessions are team-oriented and motivating, and our encouraging atmosphere guarantees optimal fitness results. Every session accommodates all fitness level types.

Types of Movements you can expect to perform on the mega: