Instructor ️
Ally is from Redwood City, born and raised. Ever since she was little she had a passion for dance, fitness, and for helping people. Ally danced ballet for 11 years and has done Pilates for 5 years. She has also worked as an instructional assistant for two local schools.

When Ally took her first class at Heartcore she saw how much the instructors helped and cared for everyone. And ever since then she really wanted to be a part of such a loving, helpful, and thoughtful community. Ally’s class is a direct reflection of this. She is here to support everyone no matter what they need and how they are feeling. Ally’s goal is to show you how strong you really are!

When she’s not at Heartcore she is, cooking, drawing, or listening to music. She always has and always will love to do anything that involves art or self expression.

Ally believes there is one tip that will really help you get the most out of each move. When in doubt breathe! And don’t forget to really squeeze and pressurize your core when you exhale!