Co-Founder & Design
Chrissy’s driving passion in life has always been improving the health of those around her. She recently graduated from Stanford with a BA in Human Biology and turned down her acceptance to medical school to create Heartcore.
As Heartcore’s co-founder, Chrissy loves finding new ways to blend her love of health, wellness and design, while working with her two amazing sisters, Alisa and Valerie. Despite spending almost every waking moment with them, she’s more obsessed with them than ever. So much love has gone into Heartcore, and Chrissy hopes you feel that love every time you walk through the doors!

As an instructor, Chrissy loves teaching routines that mix fun, intensity and efficiency. She has fun with the moves and flow of class – but strives for perfection in form. The better your form, the better your workout! In Chrissy’s classes, you can expect supportive coaching, hip-hop playlists and lots of shaking.