Studio Manager, Senior Instructor ️
Born and raised in Redwood City, Crystal grew up playing competitive soccer and volleyball throughout her youth. After graduating from Woodside High School, she attended San Diego State and obtained her degree in Astrophysics. After college she went from, research, engineering, back to astronomy, then to the professional sports industry.
Crystal grew up in an athletic family and watched her dad in a professional athletic career. Though it was always around her, she didn’t embrace it as a lifestyle.

Her work schedule and demand for long hours always left her lethargic and pressed for time to workout. Taking care of her health was not on her list of priorities. Her health and fitness have always been a challenge. She would go through phases of working out and eating right, just to meet a short-term goal, so the results were short lived and the routine wasn’t realistic and sustainable.

In her lowest point of health and most insecure, she reached 170 lbs. She had no idea how she got there, but had to have the hard talk, and get honest with herself, and decide if she was going to lose the weight and get healthy or continue to buy clothes to ignore the problem. She put that money towards a gym membership and started to turn her life around. Her slow, steady, repeated patterns turned into healthy habits and over the course of 2 years became a lifestyle change. In 2014, she became an ambassador for Beachbody, after much success with their nutrition support and fitness platform. She was able to continue her fitness journey while offering support, accountability, proper nutrition, and motivation to others. She enjoyed her years as a Beachbody coach, but still felt like something was missing. Heartcore filled the missing piece of the perfect workout, supportive environment and a down to earth amazing staff and clientele. She loves Heartcore because the instructors and the community of client’s they attract are so positive, accepting, encouraging and motivating. She grew up as one of four girls and loved that Heartcore is owned and run by 3 sisters. From the first time she walked into Heartcore she felt like she was among family, friends, mentors and role models.

She’s become both physically and mentally stronger since becoming a regular at Heartcore. No matter how busy life gets, she always finds time to get her 40 minutes on a Megaformer. The environment not only pushed her to challenge herself and push beyond her limit physically, but it mentally gave her the courage to pursue her goal of becoming a health coach.

Her favorite Mega move is Runner’s Lunge. In all Megaformer moves, you engage multiple muscle groups, but Runner’s lunge recruits and focuses on leg muscles, which have always been the area she focuses on most when working out.

When you can’t find Crystal on the Megaformer, she’s most likely cozy at home enjoying her all time favorite craft: Knitting. She loves the freedom of creating beautiful garments that can be tailored to her exact fit and color palette!