Senior Instructor ️

Elysha is a triathlete, schoolteacher and our latest Heartbreaker-turned-Instructor.

Elysha always lead an active life, but struggled to find time for herself after having two children. She decided to make a change in her life and discovered her passion for triathlons. To complement her busy lifestyle, she knew she needed a workout that was effective and didn’t take a lot of her time. That’s when she found Heartcore. As first, it was intimidating – having trouble completing the basic core move, Bear. But through the support of the Heartcore team, she got stronger and stronger each class. Our instructors kept her motivated and inspired, and she realized that she wanted to join our team. As an instructor, Elysha hopes to inspire others to find their own strength and confidence, just as she did.

Elysha’s classes will push Heartbreakers to develop their form, adjust their resistance and constantly push themselves beyond all limits. She knows that everyone is unique, so she stresses the importance of helping everyone find their personal edge through individualized attention and modifications.

With an eclectic mix of music to support you along the way ranging from dance, to hip-hop, to alternative, Elysha wants to create a journey that will keep you motivated. She promises you’ll leave her class sweaty and energized!