Instructor ️
I am from Ohio, but have been a California girl for the past 16 years. My day job finds me at Silicon Valley Bank, a bank for tech companies. I have been doing Ironman triathlons (almost as many hours of training as a job but more FUN!) since 2010 and I also coach a few athletes. It’s awesome to be able to share my experience in triathlon with others and to help them achieve their goals. I’m also the co-founder of a women’s athletic apparel company, Coeur Sports. Note the heart theme?! We do all things with heart and the team of ambassadors we’ve created at Coeur is just awesome.
One of my best friends introduced me to Heartcore a little over a year ago. I had been suffering high hamstring tendinopathy (calling all runners!) and all of the slow & eccentric moves that we do at HC have literally cured my hammy and allowed me to run pain free again. This was HUGE and made me a big advocate for the strength training we do in class. I kept joking with my husband that I was going to become an instructor, and then I finally did it!

My main goal in class is to have FUN while getting stronger. I want more people to feel the strength of their bodies and have fun during the process. Working hard can be fun. I JAM to electronic music and I have lots of energy to spread around.

When not on the Megaformer, you can find me swimming, biking, and running around the Peninsula. And maybe drinking wine with my friends…it has antioxidants, right?!