Senior Instructor ️
I am a Bay Area transplant from southern California, but after 12 years in the Bay, this is my home. I am a die-hard Warriors fan and love a long Netflix marathon on the weekends. When I’m not at Heartcore, I’m usually at a music festival or working on my Instagram side-project, @theforeverfeminist. I like my workouts high intensity and my feminism intersectional. I became a Heartcore instructor to meld my passion for womxn’s empowerment with a high-intensity workout. When womxn can connect their mind and body together, we become unstoppable. My class is loud, upbeat, and silly. I don’t take myself too seriously and I’ll always push you to give just a little bit more. I believe form is the the most important component to this workout, so hands on adjustments will be a main focus in my class. If I don’t touch you at least 10 times each class, I haven’t done my job!