Instructor ️
Born and bred in San Francisco, I’m currently an engineering recruiter for a large tech company and I’ve been a megaformer instructor for 3 years.
I became a Heartcore instructor because I realized the studio was taking the megaformer to the next level with quality instructors and progressing the fitness to a whole new dimension. I was stagnant on the megaformer thinking I achieved my goals until I realized there’s a vast new world out there on a machine I love so much. Being on a megaformer doesn’t get easier, but you get stronger mentally, physically and emotionally.
While not on the megaformer, I am either snowboarding in Tahoe, hiking with my puppy, or playing Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 on my mac!
Melly’s health tip!: Be present. Whether it is on the megaformer or with your loved ones, always be present and surround yourself with amazing and loving souls.