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Instructor ️
American born, Singapore raised, Nicol was lucky enough to grow up dabbling in a few sports before focusing on 2 of them – ballet/latin ballroom dancing, and competitive gymnastics. She was a national-level gymnast, specializing in the floor & beam exercises. She was able to compete for Singapore in an international competition and win medals in two of those exercises. In both sports, form is critical. You’ll see her bring form adjustments in her high energy classes: tiny adjustments that make a big difference, ensuring that the right muscles are firing at the right time.
After 10 years of competitive gymnastics, it was hard for her to find workouts she enjoyed and she got bored of working out at the gym. She discovered megaformer workouts and immediately fell in love with the intensity, fast pace, and was amazed at how many muscle groups can be engaged in just a 40 minute class. She loves the class so much she started teaching it 20 hours a week part time in addition to her 60 hour full-time job. After several years of balancing 80 hour work weeks she decided teaching fitness was her true passion and quit her corporate job in accounting/data analytics to focus on fitness full-time.
In her free time, Nicol enjoys working on the megaformer, taking Barry’s Bootcamp classes, getting to know her clients, & enjoys eating good food. Please hit her up with any food recommendations you may have – you can follow her on Instagram @fit_nic_sf