Hey Heartbreakers! We are super excited to launch our new ultra intense 50-minute class: Hardcore-50. Custom designed for our advanced students, Hardcore-50 will push your mind, body and heart to new heights.

We caught up with Hardcore-50's instructors, Jessica and Adriana, to help us get ready for this Saturday.  

What can we expect from Hardcore-50?

Jessica: You can expect an intense and challenging full body workout intentionally designed for advanced clients to push themselves past their limits. Along with the trainer's support and guidance, you'll learn how to take each move to the next level and apply these variations to all your workouts! You can expect to sweat, shake and grit your way to the end :)

What excites you about teaching Hardcore-50?

Adriana: Honestly, I get so pumped up watching you all push yourselves that I am so excited to be a part of this experience. This is such a privilege for me to Navigate this journey for you: to cheer you on, to shout encouragements a little louder, to see you go above and beyond...it inspires me. Plus, ya'll know how much I like to change things up and see what you can do when you've got the unexpected thrown at you. 

What are your tips and tricks for crushing Hardcore-50?  

Jessica: 1) Be kind to yourself. It took time, practice and dedication to become as strong as you are now. It will take more of the same to nail a longer Heartcore workout. 2) Hydrate and EAT. Don't be afraid of food. It fuels our bodies, minds, and hearts. You need it to push through tough workouts. 3) Cross-train. Varying your workouts will strengthen other parts of your body in new ways. Incorporate a low intensity practice into your routine to help your muscles recover. 4) Ask for help. If you don't understand a move or you're experiencing pain, ask your trainer for tips. We love to help and problem solve. 

Adriana: Bring a towel, hydrate, fuel up before class and come ready mentally to kick-ass.  Always listen to your body: If something doesn't feel right, modify and mind your form! You will be tired towards the end and thats where your form will need to be 100% accurate, so pay attention to what you are doing and listen to our queueing.

And lastly, here's a Hardcore-50 playlist inspired by Jessica and Adriana's power songs. See you on Saturday!