Heart to Heart with Jena

On Jena's two year Heartcore anniversary, we check in and see how Jena transformed over the past two years.

I’ve never been in better physical and mental health or shape.

3 years ago, I was hit by a car breaking my Tibia and Fibia.  Heartcore enabled me to find a workout program that ensured low impact but also gave me the increased heart rate that I strive for.  Within a few classes, I was addicted and wanted to better myself each class.  Targeting your slow twitch muscle fibers allows your body to make the changes needed to strengthen and challenge yourself every class.  Over the last two years, I've watched my body transform.  I've never been in better physical and mental health or shape.  

Strive to do better each class and you will.

My suggestion to clients - set a goal, achieve it, and set a new goal for yourself for the next class.  Before every class, I have a goal for average heart rate and calorie burn.  Also, set a goal for performance.  This summer, mine is to do a tricep push-up touching my chest to the machine.  Do you want to conquer a 90 degree standing long jump for the full 60 seconds?  Strive to do better each class and you will.  Our instructors motivate you to reach your limit and push you through the entire workout to feel accomplished at the end.  

Heartcore has not only driven me to excel in my workout but also mentally.  I take the same principals into my everyday life.  My typical workouts are in the morning and get me roaring for the day.  

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