We Heart: Dads

This June, we are celebrating Father's Day all month long. Whether you are a dad or have a dad in your life, celebrate Father's Day with the gift of health and wellness. Heartcore's unique blend of high-intensity, low-impact strength and total fitness training is especially beneficial for men. Download your 3 day free pass and see why. 


Dads get three days free. 

To celebrate Father's Day, all June long we are giving Dads a free 3 day pass* to Heartcore! Download your Mega Dad pass below and sign up for your first class! Classes fill up fast, so you may have to book your first class a week from now. Don't worry because your 3 free days won't start until the day you take class! 

*Terms & Conditions: 1) Must be a dad and 2) new to Heartcore (never taken a class before). 

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What dads can expect.

Heartcore will leave your muscles quivering and your body leaner, stronger, and fitter than ever. We offer athletic-based Megaformer classes that combine strength, cardio, endurance, flexibility and balance to safely strengthen your entire body in only 40 minutes.  After a couple dedicated weeks at Heartcore, you'll notice an improvement in running, weight-lifting, cycling, rock-climbing, and any activity that requires movement. Book your first class here.

What men say about the workout.

Heartcore is not just for women. And for the men brave enough to try it and stay committed to it, you'll notice huge changes in the way you feel, look and move. Here's what some men have to say: 

Three minutes into class my legs are quivering like Jell-O
— Men's Fitness
Metta World Peace noted the non-impact exercises were perfect for his knee
— LA Times
Michael Wilhoite,   San Francisco 49ers Linebacker

Michael Wilhoite, San Francisco 49ers Linebacker

The Megaformer requires lots of subtle,
zero-impact movements that target those small
support muscles most guys neglect.
— Playboy Magazine