It's week four of our But First, Plank Challenge, so we are adding one extra minute - totaling 6 minutes of planks within each routine! You've definitely done this variation in class - the Plank Walk (aka Plank Suicide). Let's break it down.

Alisa performing a Plank Walk in the Reverse position.

How to Plank Walk:

  1. Start in a high plank position (on your palms).

    • Legs shoulder-distance apart (to engage obliques more) or glued together (to engage the entire abdomen).

    • Hips down with pelvis tucked (no duck-butt) and core is pulled in tight.
  2. Drop down to your right forearm.
  3. Drop down to your left forearm.
  4. Pop up to your right palm.
  5. Pop up to your left palm, bringing you back to the starting position.
  6. Repeat as fast as you can while keeping the carriage completely stable.

Science Behind the Plank Walk:

Our primary muscle groups worked during Plank Walks are, of course, your core, especially your Rectus Abdominis (six-pack), Transverse Abdominis (inner-most abs), and Serratus Anterior (finger-like muscles under your chest). Your supporting muscle groups are your Lats, Biceps, and Shoulders. 

Plank Walks are so effective because 1) your core is forced to work overtime to keep you balanced and stabilized and 2) we're targeting your core from different angles: a larger angle (on your palms) to a smaller angle (on your forearms), which cranks up the intensity and recruits more and more muscle fibers until your entire core is on fire!


But first, plank (walk).